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How to download from rsync:// sites…

Like webp and the other obscure “standards”, you won’t know about rsync if you are just windows or even mac. It’s a linux/unix command from way back, and there isn’t an admin alive that doesn’t know how to use it. To do things on Windows, and even Mac, you need to install something bloated like cygwin to add a unix subsystem, which is horrible, and integrated.

Better if you can’t get on a linux system, is to download one in VMware or VirtualBox, or to use the same to create one. There are tons of sites with *.vmdk and other file extensions that you just download & run. I suggest Ubuntu for beginners, but they are all very good (stay away from CentOS for now…).

So once you can run the rsync command, there are a ton of guides, tutorials, examles, etc. via google. But to get straight to the issue, this is the command to download Hiren’s Boot Disk:

rsync -auH –progress rsync:// .


To learn these and other command line options:

man rsync