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Auto-Logon & Auto-Play Powerpoint Presentations

This is a distillation of an article here on Ten Forums.

The newest Windows 10 installs do not allow the old netplwiz trick. You see lots of ways with this, but scant few without, and all but one I encountered were ineffective on Windows 10. 

My customer needed to have a Stick PC start up and play a presentation. Simple.

These are the steps (I won’t go into detail about the common ones):

  1. Disable all sleep & hibernate timers. You want things on all the time.
  2. Disable user desktop timers that will blank the screen after inactivity.
  3. Install PPTVIEW.EXE, the no longer supported PowerPointViewer.
  4. Install SP1 for it (link, link, link), or it will fail to loop. Trust me. Don’t know if SP2 is needed. Couldn’t hurt…
  5. Create a MS DOS Batch file (*.bat) that will cause the presentation to run (just a one-liner). 
  6. Create a Task Scheduler task to run this batch file on user logon.
  7. Make the following additions/changes to the registry (pic from the Ten Forums site, so thank them!):

path:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup-auto_sign-in_registry-1.jpg

          8. Reboot.

          9. Thank me!

If you are interested in how to call individual presentations, make them full screen, and calling multiple presentations to loop through, let me know.

Oh, the 7z password for the above archives? itguys