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Using Staples Tek-Dry [Language]

This is a video from a fellow repair shop owner about drying, and cleaning, and the difference. Because he is from NYC, there is language you might find offensive:

It is important to realize that Staples and Best Buy are not in the business of repairing. They are in he business of making you buy new toys. There are no repair facilities at these locations, but they will swap out major components they order for you, if there is a warranty issue.

If you have a real problem, and do not want to buy a new toy, there is nobody they can, or are allowed to, refer you to-other than the OEM. And you can guess what the OEM is going to have you do… The “M” in OEM means something, and there is no “R” in OEM.

I repair devices because I do not belief in this “disposable” mentality, that as soon as something has anything unexpected happen, it needs to be replaced. It is a polluting, expensive philosophy that only benefits the manufacturers. This is where Right To Repair comes from.

Google “right to repair”, or start at places like this, to understand how big companies and legislators are actively working against yor best interests, and actually DO SOMETHING about it.

Thanks for doing so!