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Offering: Email Protection

For just $3.95/month/machine, The IT Guys helps protect against the most common attack vector today for viruses and ransomware:

How it works
• Traditional pattern, message attribute and characteristic matching are complemented by algorithmic analysis for ultimate threat detection without impacting accuracy.
• Behavioural analysis alone includes over 10,000 algorithms analysing more than 130 variables extracted from each email message.
• Multiple signature and behaviour-based antivirus engines offer protection from all forms of malware, including zero-day variants:
    • 99.999% spam detection with near zero false positives
    • 100% virus protection
• A sophisticated policy engine that allows the IT administrator to customize exactly how email flows in and out of the organization. The engine can inspect all aspects of email, including size, content, attachments, headers, sender and recipients, and take appropriate actions, such as deliver, quarantine, company quarantine, re-route, notify or reject.
• GravityZone Email Security is both an advanced email security solution and a full cloud-based email routing engine with fully featured company and personal quarantines for message management. Deep categorization – distinguishing between professional marketing and suspected mass email campaign messages for example – enables flexible policies that detail precisely how different types of messages are processed and tagged.
• Detailed message tracking is invaluable for email admins, allowing them to quickly view exactly why an email was delivered or rejected, including email headers and the full conversation with the remote email server.

Reach out for more details, or call today:  (860) 917-5346

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This protection is an add-on to our Workstation Protection Offering, which has anti-virus, anti-ransomware, and windows upgrades and security patching, as well as our “White Glove” offering, which is all-inclusive flat rate coverage.