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TechRadar: Need new RAM or SSDs? Better act fast, prices may rise soon.

RAM and SSD prices might see price hike from manufacturers

RAM price increases

Hopefully the cost of RAM doesn’t increase too much

Over the last few months we’ve been enjoying some pretty low prices for the best RAM and SSDs. However, that might be ending soon, as some SSD manufacturers are reportedly discussing price hikes. 

According to a report from Digitimes, SSD manufacturers are planning to raise prices by 10-15% on NAND flash, which would make SSDs more expensive. This is reportedly on top of increases to DRAM module pricing, which would make RAM more expensive. 

Don’t panic yet, though: it’s important to note that this isn’t confirmed, and is little more than rumor at this point. But if you were planning to jump on that cheap SSD deal you’ve been scoping out, it wouldn’t hurt to pull the trigger right now.

If these reports are to be believed, RAM and SSD pricing could jump to where they were back in 2018, when it was ludicrously expensive to even upgrade to middling RAM or a small SSD. We just hope that if the prices do increase, they don’t get to a level where the average consumer can’t get into computing.