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FEMA Bulletin Week of August 10, 2020

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Week of August 10, 2020

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Important Dates & Reminders

August 14

Feedback period for state and local mitigation plan review guides ends.

August 17

Partnership Day Virtual Exhibit Hall ends.

August 20

Webinar on accessible communications at noon.

FEMA Announces $660 Million in Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grants

FEMA posted funding notices for the Flood Mitigation Assistance grant and the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities to provide funds to states, local communities, tribes and territories. The grants fund eligible mitigation activities to strengthen our nation’s ability to build a culture of preparedness. These programs allow for funding to be used on projects that will reduce future disaster losses.


Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant


The National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 established the goal of reducing or eliminating claims under the National Flood Insurance Program  through long-term mitigation actions. Funding priorities include flood mitigation planning and efforts for repetitive, as well as severe repetitive, loss properties.


In this application cycle, $160 million is available in Flood Mitigation Assistance grant funds. There is $70 million set-aside for community advance assistance and flood mitigation projects. View the Notice of Funding Opportunity on Funding Opportunity Number: DHS-20-MT-029-000-99.


Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Grants


The new BRIC grant program is for pre-disaster mitigation activities and replaces FEMA’s existing Pre-Disaster Mitigation program. 


The BRIC priorities are to incentivize:

  • Public infrastructure projects
  • Projects that mitigate risk to one or more lifelines
  • Projects that incorporate nature-based solutions
  • The adoptions and enforcement of modern building codes


View the Notice of Funding Opportunity on Funding Opportunity Number: DHS-20-MT-047-00-99.


The application period for HMA grants opens on Sept. 30. Eligible applicants must apply for funding using the new FEMA Grants Outcome (FEMA GO). Submit applications on the FEMA GO Portal by 3 p.m. ET on Jan. 29, 2021.

FEMA Offers Webinars for Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grants

FEMA is offering informational webinars for Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant applicants. The webinars will provide an overview of the grant programs and details about the agency’s funding priorities and review process.


Any state, tribal or territorial prospective applicant can attend. The presentation materials as well as the time and call-in information is the same for each session. Each webinar will be at 2 p.m. ET on Aug. 18, Aug. 20 and Aug. 25. A webinar for tribal applicants will be held at 2 p.m. ET on Aug. 27. Additionally, at 2 p.m. on Sept. 1 and Sept. 2, FEMA will host the webinar “Avoiding Application Pitfalls.”


Additional webinars will be scheduled about the new FEMA Grants Outcome (FEMA GO), which is now the management system for HMA grant programs.  The development of FEMA GO is a multi-year effort to modernize and transform the way FEMA conducts grants management. FEMA GO will streamline the process to apply for, track and manage FEMA grants.


Registration information for all upcoming webinars will be provided soon. Each webinar topic will be recorded and available online at a future time. For additional updates or more information, visit

Participate in the National Exercise Program’s 2020 Fall Nomination Round

On Oct. 1, FEMA’s National Exercise Program (NEP) will begin accepting nominations from state, local, tribal, territorial and other whole community partners. The program offers no-cost assistance for exercise design, development, execution and evaluation to validate capabilities across all mission areas.


The NEP consists of a two-year cycle of exercises that culminates in a full-scale exercise known as the National Level Exercise. Nominations for exercise support are accepted twice a year. The 2020 fall nomination round will be open for sponsors to submit nominations between Oct. 1 and Nov. 1 for exercises that will be conducted in the 2021-2022 NEP cycle. Decisions will be sent by Dec. 1.


FEMA is hosting a 60-minute webinar at 2 p.m. ET on Monday, Aug. 24 to discuss the nomination process, the support that NEP can provide for conducting exercises in a COVID-19 environment and provide a preview of the proposed 2021-2022 Principals’ Strategic Priorities.


To participate:


For questions, send an email to the NEP.

FEMA Releases New NIMS Position Qualifications Documents for Public Assistance

FEMA released National Incident Management System (NIMS) “Job Title/Position Qualifications and Resource Typing Definitions” documents related to Public Assistance to enhance interoperability and the effectiveness of mutual aid. The drafts are now available for stakeholder feedback. Today’s release includes:

  • NQS PA Program Delivery Manager and Site Inspector Job Titles/Position Qualifications that define minimum qualifications criteria for personnel serving in these positions; and
  • NQS PA Program Delivery Manager and Site Inspector Position Task Books (PTB) that identify the competencies, behaviors and tasks that personnel should demonstrate to become qualified for these positions.


The national engagement period for the documents concludes at 5 p.m. ET on Sept. 10. The engagement period provides an opportunity for interested parties to comment on newly developed supporting tools. To access the documents, visit the FEMA website.

Upcoming Deadlines and Reminders

Partnership Day Virtual Exhibit Hall

Every year on July 17, volunteers from around the country travel to FEMA Headquarters in Washington D.C. to celebrate Partnership Day. Partnership Day brings together governmental, voluntary, faith-based, community-based, philanthropic and private sector partners who support survivors before, during and after disasters. 


Keeping the safety of all in mind during the current pandemic, the 2020 Partnership Day event is being held virtually as a month-long virtual celebration. This year, FEMA is showcasing the extraordinary work our nonprofit, faith-based and private sector partners do supporting survivors with a virtual exhibit.  These videos will be featured on FEMA’s YouTube channel from July 17 to Aug. 17. Visit the Partnership Day Virtual Exhibit Hall to learn more.


FEMA Updates State and Local Mitigation Plan Review Guides

FEMA is updating the state and local hazard mitigation plan review guides. These guides provide FEMA’s official interpretation of the requirements for state and local hazard mitigation plans. FEMA created an online presentation available on YouTube to provide a high-level overview of hazard mitigation planning guidance and share information on submitting feedback to the existing policies. 


The “State Mitigation Plan Review Guide” (March 2015) and “Local Mitigation Plan Review Guide” (October 2011) are available on the FEMA website.


FEMA will accept ideas and feedback on either current document by sending an email to through Aug. 14. Additional information on hazard mitigation planning is available on FEMA website.


FEMA Hosts Webinar Series on Effective Accessible Communications

FEMA will host a two-part webinar series on accessible communications and how to effectively create them throughout the disaster cycle. Part one will provide an overview on various effective and accessible methods of communications throughout the disaster cycle, which includes insight on basic writing principles and how to write in plain language. Part 2 will provide useful resources for print, TV and radio communication strategies, as well as offer specific tools to help you write for your audience.


To register:


Throughout the series, subject matter experts will explore solutions to accessibility challenges that virtual platforms can present. Subject matter experts from FEMA and the community will offer invaluable insights and information to assist participants in building a more inclusive environment in the field of emergency management.


FEMA Announces Public Comment Period for Debris Monitoring Guide

FEMA is releasing an interim “Debris Monitoring Guide.” The guidance is now open for public comment. It includes several changes that incorporate updated requirements to comply with the “Procurement Disaster Assistance Team 2019 Field Manual.”


The interim guide and accompanying comments matrix are available on the FEMA website. FEMA will accept public comments submitted until Sept. 17. FEMA requests that all comments be submitted using the accompanying comments matrix. For questions or suggestions about the guide, send an email to

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