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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Daily Digest Bulletin

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Announcing the Release of IPAWS Archived Alerts

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IPAWS Advisory
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Announcing the Release of
IPAWS Archived Alerts

Datasets of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messages sent by Alerting Authorities through FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) from June 2012 to the present are now available on the OpenFEMA platform.

There is a 24-hour delay before an Alerting Authority’s message is posted, to avoid the risk that it could be confused with an active alert received from the live IPAWS feed.

FEMA leadership prioritizes hosting and publishing the datasets, which allows internal and external partners to understand IPAWS data, conduct analysis and to inform decisions to improve alert and warning. Several stakeholders, including researchers, media, the public and those who have submitted FOIA requests, are now being directed to OpenFEMA for information.

For inquiries about FEMA’s data, IPAWS data, and the Open Government program please contact the OpenFEMA team via email