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DHS Statement on the President’s Executive Order to Strengthen National Resilience through Responsible Use of Positioning, Navigation & Timing



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February 12, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order on Strengthening National Resilience through Responsible Use of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Services. Importantly, the order seeks to strengthen national resilience by identifying and promoting the responsible use of positioning, navigation, and timing services by the Federal Government and critical infrastructure owners and operators. 

“From mobile phone applications to automobile navigation, our digital, interconnected society is dependent every day on PNT services. That is why it’s critically important that PNT services remain properly functioning as a major component of the Nation’s critical infrastructure,” said DHS Acting Secretary Chad. F. Wolf. “By adopting responsible use of PNT services, the Federal Government and owners and operators of critical infrastructure can contribute meaningfully to national resilience and ensure the continuous, uninterrupted delivery of services to the nation.”

“This is a test of our resilience. DHS thanks the president for his leadership and looks forward to building on our relationships with our interagency partners and the private sector to implement this executive order. Our Department will continue to promote the security and resilience of critical infrastructure through the risk-based responsible use of GPS and other PNT services,” he added.

Importantly, DHS has developed an internal Position, Navigation, and Timing Strategy to guide the Department’s activities and promote continued collaboration with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial decision-makers, sector-specific agencies, and private sector critical infrastructure owner-operators.

Click here to read the executive order.



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