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News Release: DHS Releases Two Compliance Assessment Bulletins for Public Comment

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News Release: DHS Releases Two Compliance Assessment Bulletins for Public Comment

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) announced the release of two Project 25 (P25) Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) draft Compliance Assessment Bulletins (CAB) for review and comment. The draft CABs are available for public comment through July 19, 2019, and they address P25 CAP compliance testing.

The first document released, P25 CAP Compliance Testing Rules, provides equipment manufacturers with additional clarity on when they must retest or simply update their P25 CAP documentation. DHS S&T has issued multiple P25 CAP Common Air Interface (CAI) Testing Requirements CABs that address communication equipment performance, conformance and interoperability. This particular CAB provides rules for the application of the different CAI CAB versions.

The second new CAB is P25 Baseline Inter-Radio Frequency Sub-System Interface (ISSI) and Console Sub-System Interface (CSSI) Interoperability Testing Requirements. This bulletin expands the P25 CAP’s testing scope to allow for a more diverse set of equipment to become a part of the program. The accompanying Supplier’s Declaration of Compliance and Summary Test Report templates are also available for review and comment. A draft bulletin addressing ISSI/CSSI Conformance Testing Requirements was circulated earlier this year for public comment, and the final version of that CAB is forthcoming.

Project 25 is a suite of standards that enables interoperability among digital two-way land mobile radio (LMR) and standardizes interfaces between the various components of the LMR systems that first responders use. P25 CAP is a voluntary program that allows communications equipment manufacturers to publicly attest to their products’ compliance through testing at DHS-recognized laboratories. All approved equipment is eligible to be purchased using federal grant funding.

After the comment period, DHS S&T will review comments, incorporate feedback, as appropriate, and finalize the CABs. The final CABs and adjudicated comments will be posted to the P25 CAP website. For more information, visit  


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